Burkina Faso - Launching of "Sylvie Platform"

APA-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) – The Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Paul Kaba Thieba on Tuesday welcomed the creation of a new platform for the electronic collection of pre-customs documents called Virtual system for importing and exporting operations (SYLVIE), as he believes that this structure is “very profitable” for Burkina Faso. “The government wants to do everything to increase tax revenue. And this application called SYLVIE is very worthy because it works on several points”, Mr. Thieba said at the end of the launching ceremony of the implementation of the system. According to him, the SYLVIE platform has the advantage of enabling its users to considerably combat customs fraud. “With the new system, currency manipulation will be minimized. This will reduce fraud”, he added. The second advantage, in the opinion of the Burkinabe head of government, is the increase in productivity. Indeed, according to Thieba, with the SYLVIE, processing delays will significantly lessen. The other advantage involves import and operating costs reduction. For import operations, file processing delays will be reduced from 35 to 7 days, while for exports operations, these delays will decrease from 20 to 3 days”, Thieba explained. For him, if there is less fraud, there will be an increase in tax revenue for the government. He further clarified that, according to a completed simulation, there will be an increase of about 20% of customs revenue. In addition to this, there is the fact that the platform helps improve business environment. In a country where there is an ease of doing business, this system attracts foreign investors. And when they come, they create jobs, tax revenues increase and it indirectly participates in the economic dynamism”, Thieba said. The new platform for electronic collection of pre-customs documents called SYLVIE system was officially implemented in Burkina Faso on Tuesday morning. According to the designers, the SYLVIE system which was launched in December 2011 is currently functional and operational among all users. Among other advantages, SYLVIE enables the simplification of procedures regarding gain in time, document traceability, and combat against fraud (because human contact would almost be zero) and combat against capital flight. The SYLVIE platform was made possible thanks to the support by Investment Climate Facility for Africa (IFC), Senegalese EIG-GAINDE 2000 and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso (CCIA-BF). The total cost of the project is 4.450 million dollars, that being more than 2.22 billion CFA francs including 56% for IFC (1.25 billion CFA francs), 20% for CCI-BF (about 434 million CFA francs) and 24% for the government (about 541 million CFA francs). Source : http://apanews.net/news/fr/gainde2000/fil.php

About GAINDE 2000

GAINDE 2000 is a leading edge IT Senegalese company specialized in trade efficiency, customs modernization and paperless public formalities. GAINDE 2000 was established in 2002, as a public-private partnership (PPP) with the mandate to develop and operate the ORBUS Single Window services for facilitating foreign trade formalities.

Our core business is to design, implement and run state-of-the-art software solutions for Governments, Port Communities and businesses. Its solutions are tailored to businesses’ needs while providing value, efficiency and performance. The company helps countries improve their business environment and meet the challenges of a modern administration of service through reduction of formalities, use of paper, time and cost in public processes.

GAINDE 2000 is also an African leader in paperless formalities as a core element of regional integration and economic development, with solution implemented in 5 different countries and consulting services delivered at an international level.

In June 2012, Senegal has won the 1st place of the United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA) in “Improving Public Services” category, with ORBUS Single Window that led to outstanding changes in trade procedures performance. An evidence of this commitment for swifter business relations worldwide is that GAINDE Managing Director is currently the UN/CEFACT Rapporteur for Africa and the chairman of the African Alliance for e-Commerce.

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GAINDE 2000 - Single windows operator

Single windows operator

Specialized in trade facilitation, customs activities modernization and paperless public formalities, GAINDE 2000 has developed a strong experience in the implementation of Single Window.


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GAINDE 2000 advices and assists countries in modernization stage in the implementation of Single Window.


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Automated solutions integrator

GAINDE 2000 assists countries that wish to releve ballets of an updated service administration, thanks to the formalities simplification use of paper, time limits and costs in public processes.


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